Getting verified on Instagram is the best way for businesses and social media influencers to attain validation. Thus, by guaranteeing that your account is the only one presenting your business online, obtaining the “blue tick” confirms your legitimacy. Moreover, it provides you with more authority over your online presence.

Furthermore, if you’re among the newbies trying to make it big on the platform, this post will help you. Thus, let’s look into some important things to start with.

Understanding the Significance of Instagram Validation

When you follow a celebrity or famous brand on Instagram, how do you decide it’s legitimate? This is where the blue ticks come into the picture. These markers help users differentiate original brand names from nameless imposters and fan pages. 

What does it take to obtain an Instagram Verification?

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Instagram gives some suggestions to assist you in determining your eligibility for verification.  However, the actual procedure and conditions for receiving a verification badge are unclear.

Regardless, you must first confirm that you abide by Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. 

Along with that, your account must also have the following characteristics:

  • Legitimate: 

You must have an authentic real-life presence that is true to its online depiction.

  • Public:

If your profile is private, Instagram doesn’t verify it, so maintain a public profile.

  • Complete: 

You must engage on the platform. Plus, your account should have a bio and a photo.

  • Distinctive: 

Your profile must be the only one showcasing your particular identity or company.

  • Renowned: 

Your account must depict a well-known, often searched-for individual or company that is famous in several reliable news sources. 

You don’t need a specific number of followers to qualify for a verification emblem. If you match the requirements mentioned earlier, you may apply even if you have 10,000 followers or fewer.

Requesting A Verification of Your Account

Once you are sure you fulfil all the requirements stated above, you can generate a verification request by logging in. Next, follow these steps:

  1. After logging in, select “Settings” from the menu in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click “Account” inside Settings, then choose “Request Verification.”
  3. To begin the review process, fill out the essential fields and click “Send.”

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According to Instagram, only because your account could be entitled to verification doesn’t guarantee it will acquire the status. Sadly, there is no assurance when you will get further information. Moreover, if the admin rejects your request for verification, you’ll have to wait 30 days before trying again.

The 10 Key Steps to Achieve A Verified Account

If you’re prepared to apply for Instagram verification, here’s some advice to improve your chances of earning the blue badge.

1. Make A Complete Profile

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Instagram checks your profile to confirm your identity. Therefore, include an eloquent bio and a profile picture. These must accurately portray your company, brand, or self. Hence, you can ensure that your page is 100% comprehensive.

For instance, you may include your business’s emblem in the profile photo and the slogan and URL of your firm in the bio. This way, you’ll gain credibility with your audience and attract more followers and interaction by ensuring your profile is thorough and authentic.

2. Work on All Your Social Profiles

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Developing a sizable following on other media might assist your Instagram account to seem more authentic. For instance, press releases and Twitter have a lot in common. Therefore, take advantage of that. Furthermore, utilise the attention you receive when your name is mentioned in the news to expand your social media presence.

Moreover, you can try one of the approaches below to obtain more followers:

  • Build your Brand’s Identity with a Personalised Voice and Theme: 

Many businesses use a scattershot strategy to engage their customers. However, connecting with others is much simpler if you use your voice online.

  • Post Regularly and Reliably: 

With any social network, your chances of convincing users to interact with your account increase as you become more active.

  • Produce Excellent Material: 

Just as you publish excellent photos on Instagram to increase your following, you should create perceptive content on other platforms. Therefore, recognize what your followers want from you and meet their demands.

Moreover, you can also use other tools to build your follower strength, for example, growthbeast. This application is an AI algorithm. It assists in maintaining your interaction rate high and increases your Instagram following. 

3. Stay Vigilant About Impersonators

Due to the high possibility of impersonation, accounts representing well-known people and brands have verification.

Consequently, thanks to your confirmed badge, you can stand out as a unique entity. Thus, by assuring them that they are not following an imposter, you increase the trust of your followers. Moreover, people want to be confident they are adhering to the truth.

4. Maintaining Activity

If you don’t use Instagram frequently, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever have your account verified. Moreover, administrators will look for consistent activity while deciding whether or not to verify your Instagram account. Thus, there is no advantage to starting the verification procedure if you are not utilising the platform.

It also works the other way. What good is verification if you aren’t using Instagram frequently? 

5. Give Your Earned Media a Boost

Check what turns up when you Google yourself. If there’s nothing, it means your brand isn’t well-known. Hence,   there won’t be anything to verify if your brand isn’t famous.

Remember that a human being, not an algorithm, decides who gets a blue ticket against their name on Instagram. Thus, real individuals personally review every request. Furthermore, they might use search engines like Google to check what comes up for external credibility.

6. Avoid Buying Your Way into Verification

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Instagram only accepts applications made through its app or Facebook’s media partners. So avoid attempting any shortcuts, such as paying your way in.

In addition to being useless and expensive, trying to buy a verification badge can result in penalties. These include ones for breaking Instagram’s community rules. For instance, if you give inaccurate or misleading information throughout the procedure, the platform may completely delete your account.

7. Avoid Cross-Platform Linking

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Instagram’s guidelines state that verified accounts cannot entice users to follow or add other social media profiles, such as Facebook or YouTube, in their bio. However, you may include links to your website, landing page, and other web pages in your bio. Consider using the Instagram link in your bio as another way to promote other campaigns, user profiles, or websites.

8. Acquire Better Searchability

Being well-known and frequently searched for is a prerequisite for Instagram verification. This indicates that you should be more active in PR and work to build your brand naturally.

For impending business announcements or product launches, for instance, you might wish to produce press releases. Moreover, applying while your name has just been in the news might increase your chances of verification.

9. Hiring Publicists 

Consider working with a seasoned PR or digital firm exposed to Facebook’s Media Partner Support resources if you’d like assistance.

They can upload requests on your behalf for validating your account, claiming usernames, and merging accounts through the industry-exclusive site they have access to.

In contrast to purchasing the verification badge, this technique is a legal source of aid with the procedure.

10. Customisation is Key

It’s crucial to establish and keep a genuine and distinctive Instagram account if you want to get verified.

We advise you to personalise your posts to distinguish your account from impersonators.

As an illustration, you may share behind-the-scenes content and have a distinctive visual aesthetic, feed design, content theme, or hashtag strategy. However, these should be exclusive to your account and be challenging (or impossible) to imitate.


Now you know the ten tips to get that shiny blue verification tick on your profile. Thus, stay on track with these guidelines, and you’ll succeed to get more Instagram followers soon.