Instagram is increasingly becoming more oriented toward business. The amount of revenue generated across the platform seems to grow exponentially yearly. So, everyone wants to have a bite of the cake and want to enter the IG scope.

However, you will not get very far if you try to play things simple. Every successful monetary endeavour on Instagram relies on third-party tools to some extent. They are helpful too. 

From cross-platform management to audience growth and analysis, Creative design to the identification of trends, these are some tools you cannot live without as a Pro on Instagram.

1. SocialBee

social bee website graphic

SocialBee is a social media management tool ideal for businesses and influencers.  

SocialBee is an inter-platform application that allows you to manage your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook campaigns easily. It will enable you to distribute your content across platforms, manage and schedule it, and monitor performance.

SocialBee offers some advanced scheduling options that you will surely appreciate. For instance, you can establish separate categories for various article types, Which can assist you in getting a well-balanced content mix. Using the bulk editor, you may swiftly modify every post in a category at once.

By coming up with fresh iterations of your pieces and rescheduling them, you can recycle your best-performing content and get even more value. You may specify expiry dates for your articles if you publish time-sensitive content, such as promotional offers with a short window of opportunity. When hosting social freebies, you may also arrange for them to expire after a specified number of shares.

In addition to the capabilities mentioned above, SocialBee also offers exceptional Instagram reporting and analysis tools to enable you to appeal to your existing audience while simultaneously growing it.


SocialBee has many plans to suit any user’s specific needs. The most affordable plan comes out at just $13.30/month. Additionally, they offer a two-week free trial.

2. Growth Beast

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Growth Beast is a service that provides AI-based automatic utility aimed at growing your following in tangible, organic ways. It essentially works by automatically following, liking, and commenting on posts that fit specific parameters.

Growth Beast functions as an extension on your web browser. When active, a bot will perform its functions for as long as you desire, just make sure your pc does not go to sleep, and you will be golden.

Accordingly, it guides the algorithm towards recommending your account to users who have similar interests as your niche. Growth Beast is thus an excellent choice for improving outreach and targeting users who are more likely to be engaged and purchase your products.


Growth Beast offers a free three-day trial. There is only one payment plan that clocks at a very affordable £5 per month.

3. Iconosquare

iconosquare website graphic

Iconosquare examines in-depth how your audience interacts with your content and returns numbers that are simple to interpret. In this fashion, you can concentrate more on what fosters interest and, therefore, less on what is a time-waster.

Iconosquare analyzes your content using precise analytics like average engagement rates per post and audience interaction.

The Instagram tool Iconosquare helps you plan, create, and schedule your content more effectively by determining what performs best at what times.

Iconosquare monitors your content using precise data like average engagement rate per post and audience interaction so you can create more of what works and publish it at the right time.

Consider a rival with much more followers and a far higher average engagement rate. Iconosquare will demonstrate what works for them so that you may use more of their strategies and less of your failings. Effectively, you may peek around to observe what the opposition is doing.

Selling Points

  • Quickly determine what stimulates interest
  • Improve your time and work efficiency.
  • Analysis of Instagram stories
  • Excellent competition surveillance capabilities


The starter “Pro” plan clocks in at $49 per month; You can upgrade to an “Advanced” or “Enterprise” plan if you are managing a larger-scale operation.

Additionally, a two-week free trial allows you to try out their services before committing.

4. Awario

awario website graphic

Awario is a tool that continuously diligently scans hashtags and keywords across Instagram. It presents its findings by giving you a thorough review of all the most rising and trendy topics which will bring the most engagement to your business.

Awario monitors Instagram for all relevant conversations that use the hashtags and keywords you specify for a specific sector. It is an Instagram tool that integrates brand promotion, marketing through influencers, and image preservation in equal measure.

You can monitor everything people are discussing about your business, get into relevant discussions fast, learn more about your audience, and get in touch with the influencers with the most clout.

You are always informed of the happenings in your business and your brand, thanks to an Awario membership. 

Selling Points:

  • Awario is a giant in reputation and management in the industry. 
  • Gain new clients right away while they’re seeking companies
  • Analytics for your followers on Instagram
  • Responding to client inquiries enhances brand reputation.
  • Participate in genuine discussions about your niche to naturally grow.
  • Reasonable price


The “Starter” plan is most affordable at $24/month. However, if you have a medium to larger-scale business, consider the “Pro” or “Enterprise” plan, which sets you back 74$ and 249$ per month, respectively.

Additionally, Awario also has a free trial so that you can review what they provide and see if it is the right fit for your business.

5. Canva

canva home screen

Anyone wishing to advance swiftly in social media should use Canva as their first tool. It has editing options for creating presentations, Instagram videos, thumbnails, and photos.

It even features a full built-in editor for developing Instagram posts with templates for everything ranging from advertisements and discounts to food posts, holidays, and anything else. Canva is the one design tool you need to get.

Selling Points:

  • Easy ways to create high-quality images and videos
  • Free creation of the most basic designs
  • Large picture, animation, and design collection for Instagram videos 
  • Easy ways to publish to Instagram

You can create almost any content, work on it collaboratively, and share it, including print materials, logos, presentations, photographs, videos, and social media content.

Even if you don’t have any experience with picture editing or aren’t an expert, Canva gives you the tools to create a consistently gorgeous Instagram feed. Uncertain about what to post? Select a template made only for Instagram, then post it there.

Have any design expertise? Create stunning images, graphics, flyers, branded documents, and anything else you want with the image builder.

Keep in mind that Instagram is all about looking amazing and capturing the attention of your audience quickly. Canva enables you to achieve that and some more. In terms of Instagram tools, Canva is a must.


Canva is free, which is a huge bargain considering its utility. There are also paid plans which offer additional functionality.

6. Sendible

sendible statistics

Sendible is among the finest all-in-one solutions available, including publishing and collaboration capabilities, social listening, and in-depth analytics, to name a few. All of the leading social networks, including Instagram, are supported by Sendible.

The integrated picture editor is robust and versatile. Without needing to leave the Sendible interface, you can use it to resize photographs and even apply effects. Alternatively, you may create Canva and schedule graphics instantly using Sendible’s interaction with Canva.

Among the first social marketing apps to provide direct publishing of many photos to Instagram carousels after Instagram launched its API is Sendible. Additionally, they offer a simple scheduling procedure when posting straight to Instagram.

With many features, this application guarantees that approval protocols facilitate smooth client and team cooperation. One-click reports make it simple to present your findings in seconds.

Additionally, Sendible’s content recommendations guarantee that your clients’ material is always fresh and up-to-date; you no longer need to commit frequently used hashtags to mind or copy / paste them from somewhere else.

Sendible has a dedicated mobile app. You may download it to receive push notifications and alerts and take advantage of prospects and incoming communications while on the move.


Sendible plans start at $29 per month. Additionally, a free trial period of 14 days allows you to see for yourself whether or not Sendible is worth the subscription.

Closing Remarks

Instagram and its financial outlook are booming. So are the prospects for tens of thousands of businesses on the platform. However, not all will last. Some will be more profitable than others, and some will stay in the red until they close.

A business on Instagram is not too different from a real ‘business.’ You need to properly research, invest, and maintain it to make it a successful venture.

Accordingly, the above tools will be instrumental in making that a reality. In a market this saturated, you need a leg-up on the competition.