Staying on board with Instagram trends is a never-ending cycle since the platform’s community constantly changes. Furthermore, users continue to accept new updates as soon as they emerge. Consequently, we observe influencers using any new function in a couple of days, and people follow suit.

So, how can companies use the newest Instagram trends to increase the success of their clients on Instagram? The reality is that businesses’ marketing initiatives will perform better when they adopt the latest Instagram trends.

After all, the Instagram algorithm often improves when users take up a new feature. Therefore, keeping up with Instagram trends is among the top approaches to enhance your followers as a brand as well. 

However, you could also use efficient AI algorithms like growthbeast to enhance your follower strength. All you have to do with growth beast is specify the criteria for individuals you want to follow and leave the rest to the app.

Next, look at the top Instagram trends that will help you enhance your reach more efficiently.

1. IGTV is on an Upward Spiral

IGTV users liking IGTV videos next to giant phone with IGTV logo graphic

IGTV initially launched in 2018 and resembled an expansion of Insta Stories. For example, Instagram users now have extra room to record personal moments. However, it became enormous!

Instagram estimates that mobile video will account for a significant portion of all mobile data usage. IGTV should contribute to that trend despite its sluggish growth significantly. However, in what ways does this affect brands?

This means that your plan has to include vertical long-form video content. Depending on the kind of company you’re advertising, you may show off behind-the-scenes footage. Moreover, you could try Q&A sessions, influencer interviews, and anything else your audience could find interesting.

You could essentially stream your own TV program on Instagram.

2. Instagram Live is the Next Best Thing

two people in phones exchanging a video file graphic

Instagram Live began to take up during the epidemic’s early stages as everything moved online and is still in use today. As a result, owners of businesses are sharing their experiences, and customers are discovering fresh ways to interact with their favourite companies. As a result, Instagram Live will play a significant role in your Instagram marketing plan in 2022, regardless of your work sector.

Even if you don’t want to perform the conventional face-to-camera style of video, there are many more ways to use Instagram Live to engage your audience. You can:

  • Share how-to videos for using goods or services.
  • Take viewers step-by-step through a procedure.
  • Tell the audience about your team.
  • Encourage questions from the crowd.

3. Insta Reels 

Reels are the newest way for a video to appear on Instagram, and they’re quickly gaining popularity. These quick clips, which took TikTok’s influence, let users have some fun with the app.

 It primarily includes dance trends, through which individuals get to know one another better. 

4. A Shift in Promotion Culture

Endorsers could promote companies for a long time without making it evident that they were working with them. In addition, they never disclosed that they were being paid to show you specific items. Thus, Instagram users began criticizing the influencers, frequently commenting that their posts were deceptive.

Influencers must now use paid partnership tags like #ad or #sponsored. Consequently, due to this development, they now need to be more open and upfront with their marketing.

Influencer marketing is still, however, rapidly expanding, particularly on Instagram. But more significantly, relatable influencers are becoming more popular. These individuals’ lives are hardly idyllic. Both the authentic and glamorous sides of their lives are on display. Therefore, because they are more relatable, many people consider them more trustworthy.

5. AR Features on the Rise

Instagram now offers augmented reality (AR) features.  The features in Stories are the most famous ones. Previously they always had simple filters, but now they provide a new AR music tool that allows you to interact with the music on your Story or Reel.

Almost everyone uses filters on Instagram, whether it’s to subtly modify their looks so that they still look genuine or extravagantly to have fun. Moreover, there’s a good chance Instagram will keep releasing new augmented reality features in 2022. Hence, be on the lookout for them and enjoy using them yourself.

6. User-Generated Content

user generated content graphic

In addition to being very popular, user-generated material is beneficial for advertising and marketing. In case you didn’t know, user-generated content is stuff that your customers and followers produce on behalf of your business. Then, you can republish their things on your profile (with their permission).

UGC helps your followers and potential consumers trust you more and saves your content development team time. 

Furthermore, you can compare UGC to an endorsement. People are more likely to believe what you say when someone makes an effort to create content about your good or service. They are, after all, risking their reputation to promote your company. Although UGC is nothing new, it is unquestionably a trend that will continue beyond 2022.

7. Social Work and Movements

Even if it’s not necessarily a trend, this is undoubtedly important for 2022. Gen Z is increasingly dominating social media. Moreover, they have a strong desire to locate, follow, and buy from companies that are outspoken about their principles and values. Additionally, businesses must be able to express their position and beliefs on their social media platforms.

Additionally, keep in mind that users can detect when you’re lying. Therefore, if you advocate for social rights, you’ll need to commit fully and ensure that your message is clear.

8. Instagram Rooms 

Instagram Live Rooms made their debut in early 2021, and in the following year, they’re sure to become famous. Although they have been around longer, we’ll also discuss Instagram Messenger Rooms. 

Using the Instagram Live Rooms feature, you may go Live with up to three other people. This is excellent if you want to collaborate with other company owners, influencers, or clients to promote your service or products. Moreover, you can also set them up in a round-robin Q&A format.

At about the same time as Messenger App Rooms launched in 2020, Instagram Messenger Rooms also did. Thus, you can consider these spaces an additional group video chat option.

9. Shop Tabs for Advertisement

Ads weren’t included on Instagram’s Shop page until later, which can seem counterintuitive. This is because it looks like the most important location to have them. Nevertheless, the incredible thing is that they are currently accessible. Within Shop, brands may now promote their items on Instagram.

This is a wise choice since those looking through the Shop page are already considering making a purchase. Contrarily, at the very least, they are prepared to look. 

10. Memes for Marketing

Drake whatsapp meme

Memes are surprisingly still popular, and in 2022, they will start to appear in commercial settings. However, before incorporating memes into your plan, the most crucial thing to remember is that you first grasp what it implies and how it functions. The last thing you need is to misinterpret a meme. Accordingly, you don’t want someone in your community to call you out on it.

11. Coordinated and well-curated IG Feeds

Instagram feed aesthetic and consistency are still crucial. After all, those who could follow you will check your profile and peruse your feed before deciding whether or not to do so. Thus, you want to provide them with a compelling incentive to stay. 

The good news is that you won’t have to spend daily blogging on your phone in 2022. Instead, you may schedule your articles in advance using various methods. Then, all you need to do is set aside time to sit down and write them in bulk.

Moreover, you may preview your feed using a lot of these apps as well. Plus, you can make sure there isn’t too much content side by side if you prefer to publish graphics with text on them. Consequently, you can be in the lead in 2022 by taking the time to prepare, curate, and schedule your Insta feed.