Instagram is a social platform that has become essential in today’s digital era. You may already know as of 2022, it has over 1 billion active users. This number is growing as Instagram keeps  introducing new trends.

To keep up with Instagram, you should be keen on these continuous rolling-out features. Both individuals and brands must evolve with them to remain on top of the competition. Your marketing strategy needs to incorporate these upcoming trends to meet user preferences in the ever evolving world of social media.

This article will provide expert opinions on some latest features and tips on how to use them to grow your IG following. Being present on Instagram is vital for businesses in 2022, so boost it now to maximize your media potential by exploring the tools below: 

Top 10 new Instagram features

1. Reels: The Hulk of All Features

Reels are the new IT in the social media landscape taking Instagram by storm. Introduced in 2020, it has gained massive popularity.  This new format got doubled duration as an upgrade in 2021. Instagram keeps testing it for more updates and 2022 saw new additions such as:

  • Double exposure feature: Allows recording video on top of a photo
  • Elements: Addition such as text, filter in reels to make them more engaging
  • Timer: No longer need to hold your phone to record
  • Video Layout: Lets the user record many videos and play them in a combined form

Tip: You should use reel as it receives more engagement than posts and videos. These full-screen vertical posts can provide your viewers with an immersive experience. What’s more? You can even equip reels with extras like music, voiceover, doodles, timer, etc.

2. Instagram Grid Pinning: Like it? Pin it 

Grid Pinning is a recent feature introduced in June 2022. It allows pinning your top 3 posts or reels on top of your Instagram grid. This means that your old posts can still shine, and the most liked content is on top for as long as your heart desires.

Tip: Use this feature to make an excellent first impression. The newcomers who visit your profile will glance at the best content without having to scroll down. This feature is present on other platforms like Facebook and was definitely required for Instagram.

3. Professional Dashboard: Data Never Lies

Announced in late 2020, this feature has made life easy for businesses and creators. It allows you to track performance, gain insights and manage resources. You can find metrics for the last 90 days on posts, reels, audience, stories, and live videos all in one place. Moreover, Instagram keeps adding new elements to it!

Tip: Many digital businesses find the dashboard beneficial in enhancing their footprint. You can make the most out of these features by using dashboard’s native analytics and trying to improve accordingly. Scheduling is another crucial dashboard feature that helps a lot.

4. 60 seconds Stories: No Cuts

It was frustrating to see your content get numerous cuts on stories. Now Instagram has implemented a more extended story feature that doesn’t cut your videos after 15 seconds. You can now create a smooth narrative and mention all your tags and links in one go.

Tip: This handy feature allows users to watch your stories in one minute. So make the most of it by creating 60 seconds’ worth of unique content. As a result, there will be no need to repeat, and your clips will be more engaging and less annoying. YAY! 

5.Live Rooms: A More Private Convo

Live sessions are the new norm. And Instagram brought this feature to life recently in a new form. Creators can host Live sessions with 3 guests in one room. This is different from going live, which was introduced back in 2016. Life rooms have limited participants and provide opportunities for private and interactive sessions.

Tip: Both brands and individuals can use this feature to host private shows with specific followers. It is constructive in gaining insights as you can hold Q&A interactions and panel discussions with experts in a closed environment.

6. Gift Cards: Support Guaranteed

Another great feature introduced in 2020 was Gift Cards. Even though its purpose was to support businesses in Covid, it has gained massive support from users to date. Adding these gift card stickers to your story or profile can help grow sales. Followers can then re-share these to spread the word. 

Tip: Use this feature to create brand awareness so your target audience can discover more ways to support you. But, you need a creator or business account to use it.

7. Pinned Comments: Moderation at its Best

This feature allows pinning any 3 comments of your choice on top of your post. It ensures that viewers’ first look at the comment section is positive. Thus, the comments of your choice will be more visible than other irrelevant comments.

Tip: An impressive moderation tool for creators and businesses to streamline feedback on their content. You can pin conversation-starters and exciting comments on top. This leads to your Instagram followers gaining more valuable insights and less noise.

8. Desktop Sharing: Making it Easy on The Big Screen

Finally, Instagram allows the uploading of content from the desktop. Previously posting photos and videos was possible from mobile apps only. Now you can also use a browser to manage your profile. This makes it easy for those who are comfortable using personal computers rather than smartphones.

Tip: Remember, this feature doesn’t apply to reels and stories. You can only work on traditional content via desktop. But still, it’s a significant improvement. Marketing strategists can now use their PCs to craft their Instagram strategy.

9. Collaborations: Always Pay Off

Collaborations have been a part of Instagram for a long time, but new features are added to it now and then to let brands co-create content. The Collab manager helps in announcing and aligning content creation between the 2 parties. Moreover, now you can collaborate through reels as well.

Tip: Apply this feature to connect with influencers and tap into their extensive audience. If used effectively, it can enable the building of long-term relationships. 

You can use it to create a powerful impact on your brand growth and awareness. Your brand voice coming from another reputable creator can generate waves for your marketing. 

10. Embedded Profile: A Unique Proposition

Instagram past and videos can be embedded in a website from the beginning. But the novelty is embedding the full profile. Now it’s possible to showcase your IG profile all over the internet in a native-looking way. 

Tip: This update allows the merging of Instagram with other online marketing strategies. Now you can use it to embed IG anywhere on the web and enhance your digital footprint.

Gramming Your Way to Growth

Instagram never stays stagnant. It keeps us engaged with new updates, which is how it has maintained its popularity. So to polish your game on this buzzing platform, keep your eyes and creativity open and welcome the updates with open arms.

Leverage these features as soon as they release to gain the initial advantage. For now, you can get the most out of Instagram in these 10 new ways elevating your brand above the competition while engaging your audience in a meaningful way.

We hope our tips help you UP your social media strategy. May you remain on top of your IG game today, tomorrow, and reel forward!