One of the most popular social networks is Instagram, known the world over among internet giants such as Facebook and LinkedIn. This social media platform quickly gained popularity due to its simplicity allowing users to share photographs and videos. Writing comments is a significant component of the overall experience.

Keeping your profile public is the secret to getting a considerable following on Instagram. However, it also exposes the comment sections of your postings to spam. Thanks to Instagram’s privacy settings, the good news is that you can choose who can comment on your posts. 

With 1.21 billion users globally, Instagram can potentially be a potent tool for marketers. The catch is that each user’s personalised feed is created by the Instagram algorithm, which groups the most pertinent information according to their behaviour. Therefore, it makes sense that you’ll need to outwit the algorithm to reach your target audience organically. Instagram comments are the quick fix for this problem.

What’s the Purpose of Instagram Comments?

Users can respond to posted photos, videos, and reels with an Instagram comment. Instagram comments are public. In case you have a private Instagram account, only users who follow you can see the comments on your Instagram. 

Direct messages, on the other hand, travel to a user’s inbox and are only visible to them. Click on the speech bubble symbol at the bottom right-corner of the reels post. Moreover, it is present on the bottom-left of your post. 

Are Instagram Comments Important?

people texting on phone graphicOn that, we’d want to comment. More than just a reply, comments contribute significantly to how authentically users see your brand and can influence how frequently users see your articles. 

Commentary fosters community. The comment is the only standard way for your Instagram followers to interact with you publicly. The comments can help increase engagement overall. It’s comparable to the differentiation between writing a letter and posting it on a community bulletin board. Since the community can see the board, they will likely write something there.

Comments Serve as an Excellent  Community Service on Instagram

Once more, I’ll use the analogy of the bulletin board. Customers can reply to comments that pose questions, while other users can also view your response if you do. But, of course, you won’t receive requests inquiring about the same question repeatedly in this manner.

Comments demonstrate your legitimacy to potential followers.

In the short term, purchasing Instagram followers won’t help your account look more credible, despite what it may seem like. And unlike genuine individuals, bot followers cannot comment on your postings. A user with 1000 followers and 1-2 comments on each post doesn’t seem as simple as one who has 17000 followers but just 25 or 30 comments on each post.

7 Approaches to Manage Comments on Instagram 

However, it’s challenging to keep track of every Instagram comment. When someone leaves a remark on an older post on the Instagram app, it can be simple to miss them. Managing Instagram comments is difficult for anyone, whether you receive 10 or 100 each day.

So, without further ado, keep reading to find out how to manage your Instagram comments and regulate comments on Instagram!

Approach #1 How to Delete Comments On Instagram 

delete instagram comment tutorial

Tap the remark you wish to remove, then quickly swipe left across the screen (without lifting your finger from the screen) to remove it from someone else’s Instagram post. There will be a few choices: a red garbage can and two grey options to either pin the comment or report it. 

To remove the comment, tap the trash can. You can also delete comments other users have made on your Instagram post by sliding the comment to the left side. There will be a red trash bin, a speech bubble, and a grey pushpin. Click on the garbage can icon, and you are good to go!

Approach #2 How to Completely Stop/Turn Off Instagram Comments

how to turn off comments on instagram tutorial

If you want to disable someone from commenting on your one or multiple posts, you can disable the comment section. As a result, no one will be able to add comments to your post unless you turn the option back on. 

Click the three dots on the right corner of any post (photos, videos, lives, or reels.) A menu panel will open, scroll and select the option “Turn Off Commenting.” 

Approach #3 How to Pin Instagram Comments 

pin your favourite comments on instagram

You have the option to highlight three comments to the top of the comment stream on your own Instagram account. In this method, when someone views your content, they will be the first to leave a comment. 

Slide left on an Instagram comment, then press the grey pushpin button. This screen will show up when your first remark is pinned. When a comment is pinned, the author of the pinned comment will be notified.

Approach #4 How to Edit an Instagram Comment 

Technically, after you’ve submitted a comment on Instagram, you can’t go back and edit it. However, the simplest approach to “edit” the comments you accidentally posted is to remove it and start over. You can even publicly converse with yourself by replying to your comment to change the wording. Click on the word Reply beneath the comment to get started.

Approach #5 How to Limit Instagram Comments 

limit instagram comments tutorial

You can “restrict comments” for a set period of time as opposed to disabling comments entirely. This is a practical short-term solution if you believe that several people are harassing you or your company using the app. 

Open your profile and click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner to start limiting comments on Instagram. After that, select Settings. Next, select Privacy. Proceed to Limits from there.

Instagram allows you to block unwanted comments and messages from the limitations page temporarily. 

You can block accounts that don’t follow you (“These accounts may be spam, fraudulent, or intended to harass you,” claims Instagram) and those that have just started following you in the past week.

Approach #6 How to Reply to Instagram Comments 

how to reply to instagram comments tutorial

Tap Reply beneath the comment to reply to a specific Instagram account. In addition, you can respond to a comment by sending the user a private message if you don’t want to do it publicly. 

Replying to each message separately can be challenging, though. If you receive numerous notifications, it’s easy to miss comments or to forget about them if you don’t respond to them straight away.

Approach #7 How to Find Your Instagram Comment 

how to find your instagram comment tutorial

It can be simple to forget a comment you made, including what you said, who you said it to, and what post you said it about because we consume (and respond to) so much stuff every day. 

Use this approach to find recent comments you’ve made rather than racking your brains or scrolling through the entire app. At the top-right corner of your profile, tap the three horizontal lines first. 

Select Your Activity from there. Enter Interactions after that. Then select Comments. You’ll be able to access all of your most recent comments from there. Next, select Sort & Filter from the drop-down menu to narrow the date or time selection.

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