If Instagram has more than a billion users, one wonders why they can’t maximize their account’s potential. Since it has become a well-known digital platform, marketers must make the most of this media channel. However, this is no easy feat.

The answer to success on this growing social platform is knowing how to boost reach. You can use paid methods to gain more traffic, but organic growth beats everything. So to make it easy for you, we are listing proven ways to do so:

10 straightforward methods to effectively boost reach on Instagram

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1. Keep up with the new Instagram algorithm

As Instagram keeps updating its algorithms, it is necessary to have an eagle eye on it. You can not expect old tactics to work forever. To get more reach, you need to be more vigilant.

Recently new features like guides and reels have been introduced. So to make the most out of Instagram, use these as they have untapped potential. The more recent the feature, the more successful it is in getting people to watch your content.

Moreover, there are other ways to make Instagram Algorithms rank your content on top. These include:

  • Using SEO
  • Adding hashtags
  • Use geotags
  • Post more Videos 
  • Consistent stories
  • Use CTAs

2. Post on optimal times

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It always helps to post when most of your followers are online. This time can be analyzed via Instagram dashboard or insights. It provides you with days and hours when your content is most viewed. Try different times to nail the optimal time. 

You can increase the chances of getting more eyes by posting on these specific moments. Remember your followers are not online throughout the day; therefore, if you want to land on top of their feed, you must keep their scrolling hours in mind.

Moreover, you can schedule posts on that time daily to reduce effort. Instagram will automatically publish your content at that time. This helps manage consistency and boosts engagement too.

3. More videos

It’s a common fact that Instagram users are hungry for videos. So they get more engagement than images. To boost reach, you should use videography more; this can be posted in any form, such as reels, stories, and even on your main feed.

At first look, visuals may feel more vital than IGTV and reels. However, according to Instagram statistics, videos on Insta generate more reach. In fact, users comment twice as more on videos which increases their rankings.

Lastly, videos require more time to watch and have better chances of increasing conversions. So not only are they suitable for reach, but they also lead to more followers and paying clients.

4. Run Contests 

Sponsoring giveaways always benefits reach. Everyone loves winning free items. Use this for your benefit by pushing followers into promoting your account. 

The important thing is to run these contests properly. Try to collaborate with influencers to increase the reach of contests. Add conditions for winning like share to win or comment to win. 

Moreover if you are already giving a freebie, make the most out of it by highlighting it in every format. Share it on posts and stories. Tag other users and ask for shoutouts.

Lastly, keeps gaps between contests to keep the fun going. Make them exciting by providing a worthy catch at the end. The contest should be worthwhile enough for your followers.

5. Engaging CTAs

You might have a top-notch visual or story, but if you fail to add a CTA to it, then the reach falls drastically. To get maximum engagement, use captions that make users take action.

For example, use polls, ask questions, and encourage followers to share their opinions. This is not only one of the best ways to interact with your followers but also helps rank your post high in algorithms.

Here are some common CTAs you can use:

  • Vote for your best choice 
  • Comment if you agree
  • Tag your friend who fits the profile
  • What would you like next?
  • Click the link or swipe up for more.

6. Create user-generated posts

As algorithms always consider users when ranking your content, it helps to add more user-generated posts to your feed. You can curate them by looking at insights and asking your followers for feedback.

Check which content has performed well in the past and replicate it. Remember, user-generated content captivates users and keeps them engaged for longer. This leads to more comments and shares, which automatically boosts reach.

Not only will you get more immediate traffic, but it also helps build better long-term relationships. As user-generated content is more trusted and memorable, add it to your marketing strategy and watch it level up your Insta game.

7. Infographic and Insights

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If you want to speed up reach, it helps to take a little help from Instagram metrics. The insights and infographics available on the dashboard can significantly help in increasing reach. Nd the best part is that they are free.

So why not make the most of these and learn what works bests. Instead of throwing darts in the dark, analyse the data to curate a knowledgeable strategy. Many digital marketers owe their success to these numbers and figures.

Insights like demographics, follower movements, and time data can prevent the publishing of aimless content. Even if you are an amateur, the metrics available are easy to understand, and you can gradually understand them and take advantage.

8. Stories sell

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In this digital age, swiping has taken over scrolling. Instagrammers love stories. Thus for reach, it is best to update your stories along with posting on your feed continuously.

Stories disappear after 24 hours and provide an excellent opportunity to interact with followers daily. They create a sense of FOMO and help brands stand out amongst the crowd.

So if you want a prominent position on Instagram, use stories to connect with viewers instantly. They boost your reach as they quickly grab users’ attention. In addition, you can add more elements like filters, polls, hashtags, and questionnaires to enhance engagement.

When used well and uploaded regularly, stories can even help you gain new followers as they are shown to people beyond your current viewers. So if you want to reach more people, spend time crafting exceptional stories and get ranked better.

9. Go live 

Like stories, another “trick” to gain more reach is going live on Instagram. When accounts use live video, they appear in the front of their follower’s feed, thus leading to more reach.

If you use Instagram Live, your profile photo gets the “LIVE” logo, making it more prominent and raking in views. Moreover, it also leads to engagement on non-live content. as your account receives sudden exposure. So you get to deliver great content in 2 ways simultaneously!

Going live makes your brand come in front of your fans so that they can discover more. And as they aren’t mainstream yet, they provide you perfect opportunity to stand out. Lastly, live videos are more personal and drive more action. So even if your followers don’t fully watch them, they are bound to check your profile.

10. Less is more

Unlike other platforms, Instagram requires less posting for engagement. Quality matters over quantity. So rethink your social media strategy and post only once a day. And try to make your content aesthetically pleasing.

If you want to overcome low reach, try uploading one fabulous piece of content instead of creating 10 mismanaged posts. Many marketers have followed this approach and found it pretty successful.

Thus, think before you hit the share button to connect with your followers on the next level. Ensure that each image and caption align with your brand and contributes to traffic. One wrong post can de-rank your account, so be careful.

It’s all about allocating resources and time to deliver quality content explicitly made for Insta. Rather than posting irrelevant and meaningless content from another platform, curate posts with your followers in mind. Give them something that elicits a positive response so that, in return, they help you rank higher. 

Become a Great Instagrammer Today

To nicely wrap up the points above, we would suggest you log in to your Instagram right now and check whether you are on the right track or not. Create a checklist of these methods, and to boost reach, ensure that you have ticked all the way to the end. 

We know solo social media marketers might find it challenging to boost reach constantly. But with consistency and these proven tricks, they can streamline it and get excellent results. The key is to remain genuine and encourage your followers to take action.

If you successfully build positive relationships with your current user, they can automatically bring in more traffic. So the gist is; to boost reach, you first have to become a great Instagrammer yourself. Learn to reply quickly, comment with appreciation, and share more.

Our gut feeling and experience say that this will help you grow your organic reach. Lastly, remember Instagram’s reach can not be increased with overnight magic. So give yourself time, and keep learning and applying.

All the best, and we hope you succeed in making your followers happy, which in turn benefits your reach!.