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Instagram boasts billions of active monthly users, making it one of the leading platforms for increasing Interactions & engagement with your audience. With the Growth Beast browser extension, interacting with your audience and expanding your network has never been easier. Using our AI-powered browser extension, you can reduce the time & effort it takes to grow your account.

  • Available on Chrome Web Store
  • Engage With a Wide Audience Effortlessly
  • Keep Up With The Accounts You Follow
  • Grow Your Social Media Organically
  • Make Your Instagram Account Work For You
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What is Growth Beast?

While engaging on Instagram can be entertaining, it’s impossible to keep up with your followers around the clock. Interacting regularly with the right crowd requires more than just having the numbers. You must like posts, keep a tab on stories, leave comments, and follow the right people to see results.

Growth Beast is an entirely automated Instagram engagement solution that interacts and connects with your audience so you can grow your account with minimal effort. Our easy-to-use browser extension is based on AI that handles everything about engagement for you. We aim to exceed your expectations in terms of growth and with what we have to offer.

Growth Beast was designed from scratch to streamline Instagram management. Our AI algorithm was engineered to increase followers while simultaneously maintaining a high engagement rate.

We like to keep it simple yet sophisticated, ensuring anyone, even beginners, can kickstart their Instagram profiles.

Embracing AI

Making AI Simpler, More Human!

Automation is beneficial when it comes to social media. However, finding an AI Bot that doesn’t put your account at risk can be challenging. That’s where we can help.

Growth Beast is a one-of-a-kind innovative approach to managing your Instagram; we like to keep things as realistic and human as possible without risking a blacklisted account.

After all, we want to help improve your Instagram marketing for organic growth.

Our approach is simple: limit interactions to potential audiences that connect with or find your content interesting. Therefore, Growth Beast’s unique AI algorithm keeps spam to a minimum. Additionally, this helps convert likes into lifelong, authentic Instagram followers in a safe way.

Instagram Bot

Quick, guaranteed results

IG Follow Bot: Automating time-taking tasks

Growth Beast provides the highest functionality, security, and artificial intelligence automation. All you have to do is sign up, select the most suitable plan for your requirements, configure your targets, and leave the rest to our AI bot.

Find your ideal fanbase

Our platform browses millions of profiles to target specific users likely to engage with your page according to niche, hashtags, and relevant filters.

Skyrocket your engagement

Our AI-powered bot increases real-time engagement while driving traffic to your profile by automating quality interactions with relevant users to boost your visibility.

More and more story views

Have you noticed a sudden drop in story views?  Growth Beast can unfollow irrelevant or ghost followers and puts focus on legitimate accounts that are more likely to view your content, our Instagram AI bot extension can help increase story views instantly.

Smart. Fast. AI-driven.

The Smartest Instagram Bot

We harness the power of artificial intelligence to mimic meaningful human interactions such as commenting, liking, and so on so your audience trusts you. Why not rely on our advanced technology to automate your account while meeting essential KPIs? You’ll gain more followers and engagement on autopilot without violating Instagram policies or risking a shadow ban.

Instagram Bot Followers Free
Instagram Like Bot

effortless to use

Simple, Elegant UI

At Growth Beast, we have a lot of new ideas and approaches. But we keep it convenient through our easy-to-access browser plugin. To build a straightforward, long-lasting bond with relevant followers, you can operate our UI and its extensive features within just a few clicks.

Machine learning

Through machine learning, we teach our bot to understand your followers’ shared interests and IG patterns efficiently.

Blazing fast speed

Your account can remain active even offline, interacting with a global audience to meet your goals no matter what time your audience is active.

Setup in seconds

With only basic information, payment details, and your individualised targets, our bot can start growing your Instagram in a few minutes.

Real followers

Millions of potential followers are waiting to find your profile. We help you develop connections with real & relevant followers through our smart AI targeting.

Multiply Your IG followers

Grow your Instagram with Follow Bot

Growth Beast’s Auto Follow tool is packed with all the essentials to attract a loyal IG community. As our AI follows suitable Instagram users interested in your niche, hitting that six-figure target becomes a piece of cake.

  • Make Your Instagram Work For You
  • Grow Your Social Media Organically
  • Keep Up With Accounts You Follow
  • Engage With a Wide Audience Effortlessly

Most advanced IG bot

Follow and Unfollow

Our most-demanded automated follow and unfollow AI determines the most active people to follow over time. You won’t have to spend hours sifting through users to enhance your profile. Moreover, we automatically remove inactive or irrelevant accounts regularly to systemize your following.

Bot Follower
Bot Follower
Instagram Followers Increase

Automation at its best

Targeting: done the right way

Growth Beast’s machine learning allows you to maximize results with minimum input. Our AI approach automates your account after you configure targets. All it takes is setting up your account, and we take care of the rest. On top of following and unfollowing, we craft comments and view stories on your behalf, so your profile is unforgettable.

We also don’t collect personal data or passwords and provide real-time feedback for stellar security standards.

Instagram Followers Increase

What people say about us

Thousands of happy customers

Growth Beast’s loyal users help us achieve our vision of growing their Instagram accounts and engagement. Please look at what our satisfied customers have to say about our algorithm!

Pricing plans

Plans fit for your needs

3 Day Trial

  • This is the ideal, affordable starting point for people who want to improve their Instagram presence. Although stripped down to limited actions per day, you can access all our features.

Monthly plan

£9.99 account / month
  • In addition to a quick setup, you can access our auto-follow, unfollow, like, story view, and comment features with advanced filters and more.

Knowledge base


We understand if you have queries regarding our services or technology. You can find most of your answers in the FAQs below. But if you require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact the Growth Beast team through our contact form.

After downloading the Growth Beast plugin for free through the links above, you can locate it conveniently whenever you open Instagram in the upper left corner of your browser. Our latest version is compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. All you have to do is sign up, install our extension, and let the magic unravel.

Our prices range from £9.99 monthly to £99.99 annually. You can view our pricing plans through our browser extension and subscribe instantly after a complimentary 3-day trial.

Of course, Growth Beast is secure! Our AI uses your computer’s IP address while accessing your profile through your browser rather than a third-party app. You never have to reveal or share personal data like passwords, so you can rest assured that your Instagram account is safe. Keep in mind as soon as you close the website tab; Growth Beast will stop working instantly.

For Growth Beast to work as intended, it’s vital your computer doesn’t automatically go to sleep or shut off while the AI is open. Moreover, your browser window must be at the forefront, active on your Chrome screen. You can also switch off background throttling by:

  1. Open a new browser tab. Then, copy-paste the following into your address bar before hitting go: chrome:/flags/#intensive-wake-up-throttling
  2. Disable the “Throttle JavaScript timers in the background” option.
  3. Finally, refresh your browser.

Navigate to our contact form or click the “chat with a specialist” option below. Please include the error log text or screenshots of your Chrome console dev tools screen to help us understand the problem. To access Chrome’s console panel, press:

  • Mac OS X: Command + Option +J
  • Windows or Linux: Control + Shift + J

The social media platform automatically caps the number of accounts that any Instagram profile can follow. However, these limits can change anytime and vary depending on the profile. The three categories currently known are:

  1. 429: 429 limits are very common. Growth Beast waits between 1 to 15 minutes, typically anywhere, before trying to follow new accounts again.
  2. Soft Limit: A soft limit typically lasts for 10 minutes before automatically resetting.
  3. Hard Limit: Instagram’s API can detect suspicious activity, such as following too many accounts in one go. Moreover, you can only pursue 7500 people at a time. This restriction can take between 12 and 48 hours to clear up.

The Growth Beast bot is constantly updated to recognize these limits. However, you can also manually configure our app to wait for specified periods before attempting again.

Our users have the utmost freedom over their subscriptions. Thus, you can cancel your plan anytime, right from our plugin or by emailing [email protected] from your registered email. Please include the last four digits of your chosen payment card and its expiry date for expedited cancellation. We’d love to hear more about how we can improve our services, therefore do include any suggestions or complaints.